The Kasey Grant Facial Abuse Video Throat Fucked Kasey Grant


Kasey Grant literally walked in like she was going to run the show during this Facial Abuse shoot. From her first firm handshake, I knew she would be a big fucking challenge. We let her have it from the beginning. Right off the bat she started getting the business end of our dicks: Cocks were going down her throat, hands were slapping her face, collars were being attached. As the scene went on, she just tuned out and became this pliable piece of whore dough that took cock in every hole.

I didn't even know she had an agenda until I read one of her twitter messages about 3 hours after the shoot. It read, "I'm about to turn the tables on these Facial Abuse guys." I read that and I was on the floor. I don't care how much experience a whore has, or how long they have been in the game, or how big their name is, you aren't going to run the show. Not on my watch..

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